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MBARC Club Rules- Refer to MBARC Handbook


Arena Etiquette

  1. Riders must lead horses into and out of the arena with stirrups run up for safety

  2. Mount and dismount in the arena

  3. When passing another rider who is unaware of your presence, call "passing” or "heads up” to make them aware

  4. If you are passing another rider coming from the opposite direction (head on), pass left shoulder to left shoulder

  5. In group lessons, leave at least 2 horses distance between you. If you are too close, perform a 10 metre circle to create distance, and return to the track, but don’t cut off another rider behind you!) OR look around the arena and ride into an empty space, and rejoin when suitable distance has been created

  6. If you need to halt for a reason other than the instructions given, move into the centre of the lesson away from the other riders

  7. If you are walking while others are trotting and cantering, stay off the track to the inner, so they have space to go around you on the outside

  8. All slower movements and manouvers should be practiced on the inside track, so that riders travelling at a faster pace can go around you on the outside

  9. If you are a spectator, please keep voices down to not disturb the lesson

  10. Riders or horses that are deemed not in control must leave the arena at the request of the instructor or other riders

  11. Riders must be courteous to instructors and follow instruction

  12. In group lessons always pay attention to other riders and avoid collisions at all costs!

  13. Be mindful of novice riders or green horses having trouble

  14. When requested to line up for instructions, line up as straight as possible, and leave enough room between horses to avoid kicking or nipping!


  • MBARC is an affliated club with Equestrian Australia (EA), and holds public liability insurance as a result of this affiliation.

  • MBARC members must sign an EA Disclaimer form at the start of each membership year prior to riding at the first rally of the year.

  • Riding Helmets must be checked by a committee member before your first ride (please refer to Section 9.11 for safety standards).


We also encourage members to join the EA as an Affiliate Member which offers personal coverage for accidents related to horseriding (please contact EA independently for details)

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