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Generally held once a month on a Sunday at a chosen venue within the Adelaide Hills


We try to use regular, reputable instructors, and we encourage members to provide feedback to the committee of their experience with the instructor.


This assists us to make good choices

Format - usually 2 x one hour lessons available for each rider: either a choice of a flatwork lesson or poles/jump lesson. You can choose if you would like to participate in one or both lessons on the day

Class sizes:

Kept as small as possible, but limited to 6 participants. From time to time, we may include special events or days such as a club show day, twilight rallies, trail rides, cross country focus, dressage focus, etc. depending on interest shown from members, and time available within the club year.


Booking Procedures:

  • Please refer to Rally calendar for details and dates

  • 10 days prior to rally, email invitation for registration to rally will be sent out to all members by MBARC Rally Co-ordinators

  • 5pm Tuesday prior to rally (i.e. 5 days prior), registration closes

  • MBARC Rally Co-ordinators will then organise groups to be as well matched as possible. We will endeavour to group riders within similar riding levels, but this may not always be possible due to number of riders and timeslots available

  • Thursday prior to rally (i.e. 3 days prior), members will be emailed their ride times for the Sunday (you should receive notification before midday)
    n.b. If you do not have access to email, you must notifiy the Club President/Secretary when joining. We will encourage you to buddy up with another club member who does have email access - to organise rally registrations through them. Alternatively it will be your responsibility to note the Club’s Calendar for the year, and you will need to phone the Secretary each month to register for rallies. We are trying to simplify the registration process going forward, and prefer email as the chosen method for all correspondence



One hour lunch break at rallies – please bring your own lunch and drinks – members are encouraged to socialise and share any news!  Don't forget your horse!


All rally payments must be made by EFT or direct payment to the club bank account.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your registration for a rally and have advised the club via the club rally email by no later than 12 noon on theTuesday prior to the rally, 100% of your rally fee will be refunded in the form of a credit towards future rallies.

If you register for a rally but cancel AFTER 12 noon on the Tuesday prior to the rally, or do not turn up on the day, you will still be liable for the rally fee, and must pay that rally fee by EFT within seven days of the rally.  You will not be able to participate in future rallies until all outstanding fees are paid.

If you withdraw from a rally due to injury or illness of either yourself or your horse, and can provide a doctor’s or vet certificate, 50% of the rally fee will be refunded in the form of a credit towards future rallies.  To qualify for the credit, you must advise the AM Rally Master direct by phone or SMS by no later than 8:30 am on the day of the rally.  If notification is received after this time, or not at all, no credit is payable."


Hot weather policy

On the Friday prior to a Sunday rally, if the Mount Barker forecast is for 36 degrees and above, rallies will be cancelled. Members will be contacted by email the Friday prior to Rally (i.e. 2 days prior) if this occurs, and it is strongly suggested that throughout the summer months, you check your email the Friday before the rally. When riding in hot weather (even in low 30’s), it is your responsibility to ensure you drink enough fluids, and stop when you need to.

Attendance policy

Due to the restrictions to the numbers of members we can accept at any one time, if a riding member has not ridden for 3 consecutive rallies without providing notification/reason to the Club President, their membership may be revoked without refund, and the next person on the waiting list will be invited to join.

Please make sure you arrive 45 minutes prior to your lesson time, to ensure you have enough time to prepare your horse and yourself in a calm manner, and be ready to start on time. Riders running late may not join the lesson more than 10 minutes after it has started, as this is a disadvantage to the other riders and instructor - to wait for you to warm up.

All members are expected to help out with the set up/pack up/and clean up of all rallies. Please make sure you make an effort so we can all start on time and leave on time.

 Rally Master Duties:


  • Arrive at latest at 8.20 -  8.30 am ideally you would be first person at venue

  • You will need to have collected rally box at the last meeting or it is your responsibility to coordinate to  pick up from the person who closed the rally before

  • Box contains: First aid kit, coins money for lights, gloves to move jumps etc, membership list with emergency numbers

  •  Introduce yourself to Instructor and let them know you are responsible Committee member

  •  Turn on lights 

  •  Welcome members and resolve any issues that arise

  •  Pick up manure from arena’s or direct others to help do this

  •  Assist to put up/put away jumps/poles and ask other members to assist with this


  •  Introduce yourself to Instructor and let them know you are responsible committee member

  •  Speak to members and resolve any issues that arise

  •  Pick up manure from arena’s or direct others to help do this

  • Assist to put up/put away jumps/poles and ask other members to assist with this

  • Pack up rally box and take with you at Rally close

  • Ensure the venue is left in at least as good a nick as we found it – all tidy etc

  • Ensure all members have safely loaded horses – if your horse is hard to load/green ensure you work with members to ensure you are all safely loaded as a group before all depart

Photos Lisa McDonald

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