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MBARC Membership/Day Membership Form

MBARC Waiver Form



Membership is open to those aged over 18

Please contact the Secretary on to register your interest

​There are 2 forms of membership: riding and non-riding. Riding membership is essential if you wish to participate in rally lessons. Non-riding membership is recommended for anyone who handles horses regularly at rallies

All members are expected to:

  • Abide by all MBARC club rules (please refer to the Handbook) and familiarize themselves with arena etiquette (please refer to the Handbook)

  • Abide by any set or displayed rules at chosen venues, and to respect the venues’ property

  • Attend as many MBARC club rallies as possible throughout the year

  • Assist with set up/pack up/clean up at all rallies attended

  • Be considerate and courteous to all members and instructors at all times

  • Present at rallies in suitable attire and regularly check horse gear is in good working order

  • Understand that at the discretion of the committee membership can be suspended or cancelled for disregard of Club rules



  • The club year runs from 1 Oct to 30 Sep

  • Riding membership: $90 yearly membership, $60 half yearly membership

  • Non-riding membership (we encourage any regular non-riders who attend rallies and "handle” the horses to take up non-riding membership): $35 yearly membership

  • Rally fees for 2023/2024: $45 1 lesson, $65 for 2 lessons. Rally fees may vary for special events, or specially qualified instructors

  • Day membership: $85 which includes 2 lessons


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